Datum zveřejnění: 14.07.2020
Máte nápady, které by mohly ovlivnit budoucnost v prvovýrobě mléka?


Pojdťe se zapojit do projektu Lely Hackathon, více informací na https://feedthefuture.io/.

Registrace otevřena do 28. září 2020.


Témata Hackathonu:

Locally Produced Foods

After decades of globalizations of our food supply system, where mass production is at the centre, we have recently seen that this global complex supply chain is being disrupted by Covid19 - how can we then better involve local small farmers to ensure that we fulfil global demand?

Animal Welfare

The increasing awareness of consumers of the dairy industry has led the industry to be held more accountable for the way that they take care of the cows. Given that when the cows are treated properly and are happy they actually produce more milk, there is definitely a productivity and an ethical motivation to ensure proper animal welfare. Therefore how can we ensure that farmers can meet increasing standards of animal welfare and produce cost efficiently?

Fair Pricing

Recent developments on the dairy market create severe problems for milk producers. In many European countries farms are closing down due to the low level of milk prices paid by the processing industry and the retail sector. This leads to farmers looking to other revenue streams. How can we ensure that farmers are going to be making a living from their dairy farming?